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History of Jaffrey Bible Church


The Monadnock Bible Conference started November 4, 1965.  During the summer of 1966, many people trusted in Christ while others committed their lives to Him.  Area Christians started talking about having a Bible church in Jaffrey.  One of them in particular, Arthur Hakala was concerned for his family.  We tried to avoid having a church at the Conference because we didn’t think we could meet the needs of both a church and the Conference.

Folks attended churches in other communities for several years but came back to Monadnock in the summer of 1972 and stayed after the summer season through the following spring.  Sermons were delivered by local laymen and the Conference guests speakers.  At times we had the church and hundreds of teenagers together.

In March of 1973 the church moved to the Jaffrey Grade School for worship.  Rev. David Moreland of Groton Massachusetts was interim Pastor until September of that year when our present Pastor, the newly married, Roland Mitcheson accepted the pastorate.  We established a constitution in 1974.  After 4 years in the school, we purchased Dr. Kottke’s Chiropractic Clinic, residence and 5 acres in 1977, that building being your right.

There has always been a close relationship between the Conference and the church from sharing the same film projectors to speakers.  I will always remember on occasion when the Conference finances were really low and the church voted to give us almost all of their money (giving us $2700 and keeping lass than $200 for themselves).  A second occasion especially meaningful to me is when the church organized a 24 hour prayer clock praying for me personally when I was ill.

On behalf of our staff and Board of Directors, God bless you Jaffrey Bible Church.  May you be faithful and used of Him until He comes.
Written by: Russell Bryant

Monadnock Bible Conference

Founding Member Jaffrey Bible Church

Jaffrey Bible Church:

Our Mission 

To honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to bear united witness to the faith of its members in the whole Bible as the inspired Word of God, to propagate the Gospel of God concerning His Son, Jesus Christ, by corporate and personal evangelism, by teaching the Word of God in its purity and fullness for the salvation of the lost and the edification of the saints, further, to support home and foreign missionary endeavor, and to work for spiritual unity and cooperation among all believers.


Our Core Values


1. Biblically focused.  Members shall be challenged to study and know

    the scriptures as the final and infallible authority for their life and 



2.  Worship centered.  Our worship shall encompass all of life and all ministries and have the Lord Jesus Christ at its center.


3. Prayer empowered.  The church shall go forward on its knees as it

    seeks the direction and power of the Holy Spirit.


4.  Lay ministry activated.  The church is committed to equip and

     develop each member to be an effective lay minister within the

     body of Christ.


5.  Evangelically driven.  The church shall proclaim the gospel without

     reserve and without compromise to the glory of God the Father.


6.  Grace based.  The church shall represent a model of God’s mercy

with openness to all who seek the Lord Jesus Christ’s forgiveness and healing and will offer its ministry without reserve to persons and families alike  who seek such ends.


7. A Christ-honoring lifestyle.  Members shall be challenged to live as 

    role models of Christ-likeness, exercising their giftedness as they   

    extend grace to all, especially those who are disadvantaged

    economically, socially and spiritually.


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Worship Times & Directions

Sunday Worship Times

Worship Service: 10:30 am - 11:45 am

Fellowship Coffee: 11:45 am

Evening Service: 6:00 pm

133 Turnpike Road
Route 124
Jaffrey, NH 03452
(603) 532-6931